"Amazing New Evidence Linking
Dental Mercury to Illness"

"Shocking IAOMT Mini Documentary
on the Dangers of Dental Fillings!

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My story...

In 1999, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and my health was rapidly declining. My neurologist explained that there is no known cure for MS. However, we discovered that my MS was really Mercury Toxicity from dental work. We discovered that "silver fillings" are really made of 50% mercury. I had received a toxic overload of mercury in January, 1999 when my dentist drilled out two old fillings to be replaced with crowns. That was the day that my MS symptoms started! So I underwent numerous procedures to remove all heavy metals from my body and rebuild my immune system. And in 2001, my final symptoms faded away. I have been completely cured of MS ever since! Completely Cured of MS! Praise God!

So there is a cure for MS! And it isn't just me... thousands of others have also been cured of MS by undergoing heavy metal detoxification and systematic immune system rebuilding. Read my book and investigate the "Additional info" links from my site to find out all of the details.

I encourage you to download my book. My testimony will give you hope; provide you with proven healing strategies; explain exactly what steps I took to be completely cured of MS symptoms.

Yours in Faith and Health,

Debra D. Kaiser