"I think you fulfilled your objectives in your writing. It runs smoothly without the hick-ups that so many writers (including myself) generate in their books. You stayed on focus."

- Dr. Hal Huggins

"May the Lord use Debra's story in a mighty way for the furtherance of His kingdom."

- Phyllis Massey

"I rejoice with you in your healing from MS. God is amazing!"

- Liz Curtis Higgs

"I was fascinated and moved by your stories and recommendations.
The writing is clear and inspiring."

- Pastor Karl Eastlack

"You are an excellent writer. I am happy to learn how
Hallelujah Acres played a part in your healing."

- Reverend George H. Malkmus

"This is a great little book. Praise God."

- Dr. Kent Hovind

"A touching personal story."

- Keri English

"Debra - what an inspiration you are...I read your entire book and found wonderful pieces of knowledge and biblical verses that I will take with me on my healing journey."

- Christy Zimmermann

"Your story was very inspirational."

- Marie Flowers